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Being a business owner is not easy. Often you find yourself alone, misunderstood and, at times, not the most popular person in the room. It’s too easy to fall into a dark place of despair, anger, frustration and a lack mindset.

With 8 out of 10 Small Businesses failing in the first 18 month, the odds of success are not in your favor; I’d like to propose a joining of resources to turn those odds in your favor.

Bringing a Business and Lifestyle Coach into your business at any stage of growth not only improves your odds of success, it will also fast track your business into a profitable state.

I encourage you to not go this alone, being a business owner can be stressful, hard on relationships and devastating to your health without the right balance between work and play as well as a healthy appreciation for life.

Together we discover what habits of highly successful business owners fits your lifestyle, then strategically implement them in your daily routine, starting from the moment you open your eyes.

Together we shift your perspective on life and business to lead a fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle and even more importantly bring that same gift to your family and business team. As a business owner, you have the potential to enrich the lives of many individuals, each one looking for a place to belong with a desire to make a difference in the world; you have the potential to fulfill that desire.

Having a Team player providing you with support in becoming clear on your businesses purpose and direction, finding solutions to difficult situations, designing your business plan, defining the strategies for growth and staying on track; and so much more will take your business to the next level of success and profitability.

Tracy brings two unique and powerful skill sets to the table that is rare in the world of Coaching.

On the technical side, she draws on 30 years of direct hands on experience supporting small business owners with a well-rounded knowledge base in business administration, business finance, team building, strategic planning and marketing for both physical and internet-based businesses. Being instrumental in growing multiple companies from startup to multi-million dollar profit centers.

The second facet Tracy brings into play is mindset for you and for your team is creating that critical balance between living and working during periods of high growth. Maintaining a positive outlook on life in the face of adversity, being grateful everyday for the blessings in your life when they appear few and far between, releasing all the insecurities and fears we collect as we go through life and so much more allows you to concentrate your energies on the growth of your business.

Becoming a powerful leader; building and empowering a team of super-stars can only be accomplished with the right attitude and outlook on life, it is a learned skill that most business owners never achieve. Discover the secrets to achieving this status when you work with Tracy.

Don’t be Normal, Stand out from the Crowd, Dare to be Different!

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On this blog you’ll find valuable training and guidance to help you move forward in your business. Whither you choose to fast track your business to success or not by working directly with Tracy, we are here to support you in anyway we can.

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In Love and Light,

Tracy M Ross
Business Success and Lifestyle Coach