5 Tips for Healthier Eating for Busy Business Owners

5 Tips To Eat Healthier for Busy Business Owners

How many times each day does someone tell you to “eat healthier”? Rather than get irritated and grab another chemical laden nutritious power bar, consider this…

Our bodies are high performance machines, just like a race car, the fuel we put in our bodies has a direct correlation to the energy we have available to put out.

As business owners, consciously feeding our bodies with premium high performance nutrition can be a serious challenge. We are always on the go, never enough time to stop and take care of ourselves.

I mean seriously, most business owners do not have the time to shop, prepare and cook meals, and then cleanup! It starts with eating fast food means, quick microwave meals in a box; all high in fat, sugar, salt, preservatives and who know what else is in the pre-packaged foods we eat.

Add to that taking clients to dinner and vendors take us to lunch; and we do not always get to choose the restaurant.

So what can you do?

Well, you could take positive steps in your business to produce income that pays for a personal chef; that would be the ultimate solution. If that sounds good to you, schedule your 60-minute Business Breakthrough Session today. No charge, no obligation, just a review of what steps you could start taking today to double your profits.
If you are not ready to do that, know that it is possible to eat healthier even with your busy schedule. And the payoff is huge. Imagine having clean powerful energy all day long.

With the right fuel, you think faster, your clarity and focus is laser sharp, you can work all day and still feel great when you get home. Imagine actually feeling like taking a walk with the family or playing ball with your child. Wow…

Here are a few things you can do to improve the fuel (food) you put in your body every day…

Eat breakfast. This is often the most skipped meal in the day, and for many it can be the most important meal. Skipping breakfast can lead to weight problems and diabetes.
Some things to look for in a healthy breakfast would be foods rich in fiber. Fiber rich foods give us the feeling of being full longer into our day, reducing the urge to snack between meals. Foods like whole oats oatmeal, whole grain cereal, fruits, and vegetables.

Including some good protein in your breakfast will help stabilize your blood sugar too. Eggs are great source, beans too. I personally avoid all Soy products.

Do you best to avoid foods that are high in sugar, like doughnuts and pastries. General rule of thumb, it is comes in a box, package, jar or can, don’t eat it.

Plan ahead. Planning your day helps everything flow better, not just your dietary needs. As a busy entrepreneur, planning becomes second nature, why not carry that over to your business. You plan for meetings, prepare sales presentations, organize your daily tasks and more, consider doing this in the areas of nutrition!
Choosing the best time is different for each business owner, we all have different schedules but with a little effort it is doable.

Carving some time out of your weekends could work well, set aside time to prepare and plan meals. Don’t forget to plan your snacks! You can use small storage containers, zip lock bags etc. to crate portion controlled healthy snacks to grab and run.
To satisfy a growing need of busy people, we now have an option of shopping on line. Either for local delivery or actual boxed food preparation kits that are healthy and save on shopping and preparation time. Make sure the food is healthy and fresh. Choose whole grains, fresh produce, and lean fresh meats.

Drink lots of water. Yes water! Soda, tea, coffee and other drinks are not a substitute. Our bodies benefit so much from pure clean water without anything in it. Always plan ahead and make sure you have plenty of water with you. Consider a water cooler at your place of business, keep spare water bottles in your office to fill up when you head out for a meeting. Avoid sugary drinks (including fruit juices) and limit caffeine from tea and coffee, especially in the afternoon.

Make healthy choices at restaurants. There are healthy choices at most restaurants these days. Choosing a salad with healthy protein choices is always a safe bet. Be wary of salad dressings, they are loaded with sugar and skip the croutons. Lots of restaurants include the total calories for each meal and this can be a helpful guide. Meats should be grilled, potatoes boiled or mashed and vegetables steamed. Be wary of soups, they can be high in preservatives – ask your server if they are homemade or from a can. Choose fruits to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Be mindful of alcohol. I know I enjoy a nice glass of wine with my evening meal, and there came a point in time where I had to acknowledge that as a daily practice, it was impacting my overall performance. It can too easily turn into a habit that becomes a problem.

It is easy to fall into the trap of “having a drink to wind down after work” or stop by the local pub and chat with other business owners. Just be aware that everything we put in our bodies has an impact; as you clean up your diet, you will begin to feel even small changes.

Do some experimenting, go without alcohol for several weeks, then enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine and pay close attention t how you feel the next morning. As always, it is your choice.

Even though you have a very hectic and busy work schedule, it doesn’t mean that your health has to suffer. These 5 tips for eating healthier in a hectic world can be easy to implement.

Make the choice, plan ahead, feed your body high performance fuel and you will be rewarded with increases in productivity and feel better overall every day.

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