5 Pillars of Small Business Success

Is your business growing at a pace you are happy with?

Do you have someone to talk to about your business ideas? Someone to bounce concepts off of, someone that supports you in your dreams and helps you plot out your business growth plans with clarity and vision?

How many years have you been struggling against yourself to launch a successful business?

Are you ready to try something different?

Over 90% of small business owners are trapped working in their business with no energy left over at the end of the day to spend the necessary time growing and developing their business.

How would it feel to be Inspired by your business every day? To leap out of bed eager to get started on your day, to be inspired by your customers, clients, and team? To know that you are providing valued quality products and service? To know that you make a difference in the world and that your customers appreciate you…

Until someone has experienced being a business owner, it is difficult to grasp the special unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs every day.

At TracyMRoss.com, we have been where you are, we understand what it takes to be successful. It is more than just having a product or service and putting them in front of interested buyers, it starts with you, the owner. It starts with you bringing balance and focus into your life.

Apply this 5-part Methodology to your business and watch what happens:

Step 1 – Clarify Your Direction

How clear is your business plan? Does it include a marketing and growth plan? Have you written your 5 year, 3 year and 1 year business plan? You know, the plan that details out how you plan on growing your business year after year? Do you have a clear understanding of who your clients are and what they really want in products or services? What really matters to them? Spending some time getting real clear on what you expect out of your business and what your customers expect from you will determine whether or not your business will be her a year from now. FYI, the odds are not in your favor.

Step 2 – Strategize Your Actions

Once you are crystal clear on the direction you want your business to move in, you have the information you need to create a series of strategic actions to get you there.

Look at it as a road map, you are planning a road trip from New York to Los Angeles.

You could just hop in the car and start driving; while I’m sure you would get there eventually… it will be painful and take way longer than it should.

With a good strategy, you can plot a route leveraging high-speed freeways, plenty of gas stations, restaurants and hotels. You will spend a lot less money, time and energy, arriving at your destination in style.

Step 3 – Update Your Skills

Ever heard that saying… “you don’t know what you don’t know until you know it”? Consider the impact that unawareness could have on your business? The most critical skill of any business owner is being a true leader; sadly it is the one that is most often lacking. Other skills such as writing business plans, marketing effectively, leveraging social media, understanding your finances and more. Having another set of eyes looking at your personal and business development helps to spot these areas and shore up the available skill sets.

Step 4 – Optimize Your Environment

Is your day hectic, disorganized, constant interruptions… feel like you are constantly putting out fires? Shifting your mindset to proactive vs. reactive and implementing structured work habits, using tools to organize and structure your day, making sure you are eating healthy to maximize your available energy and more all fall under this category. The more conducive your environment is to good work practices, the more you will accomplish with less time and energy output. This leaves time to work on your business.

Step 5 – Master Your Psychology
This at the root of most small business failures. The mortality rate for small businesses in America is 8 out of 10. That’s only 2 businesses of every 10 started that actually succeed. I did say that the odds were against you. Placing a high priority on mastering your psychology can dramatically shift the odds in your favor. Having a positive outlook on life, viewing other business owners as your ally vs. a competitor, being grateful for the gifts in your life, becoming a leader that empowers your team to excel and more.

Entrepreneurs are a rare breed and you are one of them. We have dreams, we are Inspired to forge new frontiers and for the most part, we lack business sense.

The solution? Hire a business coach. A person who is in partnership with the success of your business, another set of eyes to help you see more clearly, to know when to start building a team and how to select the right people for the job. A person to lift you up when the going gets tough, to remind you to keep your eye on the end goal, not the daily grind.

Are you ready to grow your business and grow your profits? Then click on this link and schedule a 60-minute business breakthrough session today. Explore the possibilities of where you can take your business in the next 12 months with the support you deserve. Click below and schedule your appointment today.

During this session, we will touch on all 5 of the pillars, identifying your strengths, weaknesses and come up with an action plan to move your business forward. Schedule your appointment today, start living the dream that got you started in your business in the first place.

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In Love and Light,

Tracy M Ross
Business Success and Lifestyle Coach

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